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Aesthetic clinic and med spa owners often believe you have to spend thousands on expensive ads to generate new leads and fill your practice. It’s just not true.

The secret to growing patient sales is hiding inside your own computer

When was the last time patients emailed you back enthusiastically, after you sent them a marketing email? 

Or take a look at this email we received from a doctor on the other side of the world, a clinic owner in the American Midwest…

He recorded us a video, specifically asking about right way to deal with all the responses he received to the very first Inbox Express email he sent his patients:

Dear friend, 

Before 2018, Dell Computers had to spend tens of millions of dollars each year buying gold.

You can’t see it, but your computer’s insides are full of precious metals…

In fact, there’s enough gold in just six computer motherboards to make a beautiful, valuable ring.

Most computer companies never think about this gold ever again, once they’ve sold their computers.

But three years ago, Dell’s leadership team started to wonder why they were spending so much money buying gold, when they were – quite literally – sitting on a goldmine…

It was a eureka moment.

They started collecting old, broken computers – both their own and other companies’ –extracting all the gold, and turning them into gold bars.

The gold is used in brand-new Dell computers.

So instead of going to waste, all that gold is used to create even more value.

And Dell gets to save many tens of millions of dollars each year, selling each computer at considerably more profit.

As the owner of an aesthetic clinic or med spa, there is “gold” hidden away inside your computers, too. 

I’m not talking about the metal (we’ll leave that to Dell)…

The gold hiding inside your computer is your list of existing patients and leads.

When it comes to generating new business, the vast majority of your marketing budget is spent on chasing brand-new leads on Google Ads, SEO, Facebook, Instagram and even radio and magazine ads… 

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Double your annual revenue at a stroke…

…Without spending a penny more on advertising

Mining your existing database for more business is the biggest and easiest way to grow your clinic profitably.

Just think how much more money you’d be able to make if you could get each name already on that list to come into your medspa just one more time each year…

…At a stroke, you would double your annual revenue!

And best of all, you’d be able to do it without spending a dime or a penny on advertising.

You could dramatically cut your marketing expenses…

So you’d be a lot more profitable, too.

Most clinics never really make the most of their list of clients and leads…

…Yet you can take an existing asset which your competitors allow to go to waste…

…And turn it into a source of immense value and profit.

And when you do, it’s not just your bottom line that changes for the better. It’s your entire relationship with your patients. 

You’re about to get your hands on the fastest, most efficient way to write powerful emails to your database, so you can take that “gold” and turn it into new profit.

Inbox Express is a library of proven emails, carefully designed to nurture your relationship with your patients and generate far more repeat business from them – with minimum effort.

All you need to do to get these emails working for your clinic or med spa is to fill in a few blanks, upload them to your email marketing platform, and hit ‘send’.

You don’t have to worry about messaging, because it’s all done for you.

Each template takes an average of 1-2 minutes to customize, making your marketing more than manageable during this pressured time.

They use a warm and friendly tone of voice, which engages patients and instantly differentiates you from your competition – WITHOUT sounding cheesy or awkward.

And you will receive new emails to send out every month, as long as your Inbox Express membership is active.

The treatments we promote are seasonally appropriate, and entertain, educate and intrigue your patient base whilst selling to them.


What's going to be easier for you?

Most clinics say they want more repeat business from their patients.
But very few mine the gold hiding in that email database on their computer… 

(And those that do, tend not to do it very well.) The majority simply continue chasing those new leads…

Paying over the odds for every new inquiry and every appointment they generate… 

Because that’s what everyone else is doing, and that’s what they believe is necessary to compete. 

Meanwhile, the few who are serious about cutting their marketing costs start fishing in a completely different – and much more cost-effective – marketing pool… 

…Namely, their own patient database. 

Since you’ve read my entire letter this far, I think you want to belong that second group. 

If I’m right and you’re on board… 

Just hit the button below to get started, and your first marketing emails will be in your Inbox – ready for you to use – within seconds. 

Warm regards, 

Use These Tried-and-Tested Emails to Get Patients Back into Your Practice - Again and Again

You already have a list of prospective patients sitting on a database in your computer.

These may be existing patients who don’t come into the clinic nearly as often as they could do…

Or leads you’ve paid for in the past, who have already shown interest in your treatments.

Each one of these names could easily become a patient or spend a lot more money with you than they currently do…

…If only you nurture them the right way, sending them finely honed messages that build your relationship with them.

Because they already know you, like you, trust you…

…And many of them have already shown willingness to spend money in your practice…

…They are far easier to convert than all those cold leads off the Internet.

Yet even many excellent aesthetic clinics pay scant attention to this list, perhaps emailing them just once or twice a month…

Instead they pour almost all their energy and money into attracting new leads.

It doesn’t make any sense, because the people most likely to book treatments with you are those who have previously bought.

And it’s a mistake to communicate so lightly with all those leads you paid for over the years.

It’s a basic marketing principle that it takes at least 7 interactions before a lead is ready to buy from you.

With just a little bit of relationship-building, you could take all those “stale” leads and bring them to the point where they, too, become some of your keenest patients.  

Founder and Director

Director of Content

You Have Spent Thousands To Build a List of Prospective Patients.

But Just Like Dell, You’re Spending To Buy More Than You Need!

These are powerful emails, which your patients will respond to in droves…

Just take a look at these two emails we received recently from two happy Inbox Express subscribers… 

This one came from the owner of a clinic in the UK: 


Get access to my first emails right now!
Get access to my first emails right now!
Get access to my first emails right now!

You just need to know where to look

Just look at what happened to Dr Ravi Jain, owner of Riverbanks Wellness, a prestigious, cutting-edge clinic on the outskirts of London.

He marketed widely on many platforms, including his website, social media, Google, radio and magazines – “all the standard stuff”…

…And while his clinic was growing nicely, no single platform moved the needle for him.

Five years ago, after hearing us discuss the opportunity to “upcycle leads” at a Galderma workshop, he decided to start targeting more marketing at his substantial existing patient database.

There was only one problem: He believed his email list was dead.

Just like most clinics, he had been sending them very occasional newsletters with the latest offers…

…And mostly, all he got back was radio silence.

“I didn’t think that list had any value at all, because there had been no engagement for years.” 

Throwing caution to the wind, he sent out his first email to his database, written in a different style to his usual newsletters – warm, personal and authentic.

“The very first email that went out, I instantly saw patients commenting on it. They were engaging! For me that was huge. 

“That was quickly followed up by an increase in attendance from patients I hadn’t seen in a long time. I thought they had gone to other clinics – I didn’t even realize they were still on my subscriber list,”

A dramatic increase in sales soon followed.

“Every time we mentioned a treatment in my emails, it had an impact. Patients would ask my team or myself about it, or just book directly. Engagement was huge".

“We attribute a 40% rise in our turnover to the emails, in the first 12 months.” 

“Our clinic grew by 40% by sending these emails”

After a pretty carefree summer, things have started to change.

No one knows what the next few months are going to bring…

Are you facing a “second wave” that may force you to shut down parts of your clinic again – in a painful replay of last March or April…?

Will the usual “pre-Christmas boom” in business even happen this year, if patients can’t socialize easily?

There’s deep uncertainty.

In your worst moments, you start imagining sending out another “we’re closed… temporarily” notice. Suddenly you can see yourself spending weeks at home, anxiously wondering which patients will still be there when you re-open.

You really don’t need that kind of setback.

That’s why every clinic owner I know is trying to maximize sales, to bring in as much income as possible right now.

They’re also doing everything they can to strengthen the relationship with their existing patient base.

When harder times hit, you need your patients to stay loyal to you and to keep coming in for as long as possible.

Time is of the essence.

You don’t have another month to spend figuring out your marketing and setting up new campaigns…  

You need to market more intensely – right now.

And I want to make it easy for you.

How will your practice cope if there is a second Coronavirus wave?

I started my career working as a journalist and an editor in well-known publications like The Jerusalem Post and Times Higher Education magazine

Honing my writing skills and learning how to communicate persuasively…

Then, in 2014, I fancied a change of pace, and joined marketing company Brainstorm Digital.

One of my first clients was a respectable aesthetic clinic, which was spending thousands each month on its marketing…

I noticed that it had over 3,000 patients on its email database, so I penned a marketing email to them.

This looked nothing like the emails that the clinic was used to sending – and nothing like their competitors were sending either.

Instead of a crude, price-driven promotion, I wrote a warm, engaging email from the clinic owner…

We shared a funny story about a recent vacation and used it to talk about the importance of SPF…

…Within minutes of sending the email, we were blown away by the response!

Patients loved hearing directly from the doctor… Loved being spoken to personally and authentically… Loved being entertained…

…And when we took the same honest, empathetic approach to promoting treatments…

…We discovered that these existing patients and leads converted much faster and more easily than the cold leads they were paying through the nose for online.

Since then, we’ve helped dozens of aesthetic clinics and medspas from all the world – from the UK to the US, Canada, Australia and even South Africa - nurture their patient databases…

…And get them through the door again and again…

…Without spending any extra money on advertising.

And now, you can do the same.

I discovered this secret by accident

What difference would it make to your practice, if you received a stream of replies and bookings, whenever you emailed your patient database?

The Way I See It You Have Three Options...

Option #1: Do absolutely nothing and stay where you are right now.

If you have plenty of money to spend on brand-new leads, and you’re not worried about making your marketing more effective and efficient…

Then maybe you don’t need this Upcycling strategy.

But if you’d like to generate more appointments with a smaller investment and much less effort, then that leaves you with two options…

Option #2: Do it yourself.

You can try sending out weekly emails to your database yourself…

Not only finding time in your busy schedule to do this consistently…

But coming up with the marketing ideas…

…and figuring out how to write to your database in a warm, empathetic way which really resonates with your patients and gets them to buy from you.

If you or your marketing assistant are willing to spend hours on your email marketing each week – and to study advanced copywriting techniques – you might be able to pull it off.

Option #3: Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

We’ll put our tried-and-tested emails to work for you.

We’ve made all the mistakes on our own time, fixed them, and now you can reap the rewards. 

All you have to do is send out one of our emails each week to your patients and leads. 

Then sit back and watch as your readers become hooked on your every word, and look forward to receiving your weekly insights and tips. 

Your reputation will soar amongst your ideal patients. 

Then, when you send them one of our sales emails, promoting a treatment in an empathetic way, they will jump at the chance to come into the clinic. 

Not only will your roster of patients grow and your turnover rise, but your new patients will be the very best kind – people who see you as an industry leader, and consider getting a treatment from you to be the ultimate prize.

Maximize your emails’ open rates – every time! Most clinics focus on writing good emails… But if your subject line doesn’t resonate, very few people will ever read your email. Inbox Express emails come with “magic subject lines” that get your emails opened.

When just one email won’t do… Sometimes it takes more than one email to sell a high-value treatment effectively! Get access to sequences of 2… 3… even 5 emails, that build an irresistible case for your treatments – so your patients just can’t say “no”.

Not just treatments! Used tried-and-tested emails to drive readers to consultations – virtual and in-clinic – where you can address their concerns in person, and turn them into patients. 

But if you’re still focused almost entirely on generating brand-new leads, it’s not your fault.

99% of the aesthetic industry is pursuing a similar strategy…

…Which makes it easy to get swept up in the race…

…And hard to see the truth:

That this is a trap, which condemns you to compete for the exact same leads as your competitors, in an exhausting and never-ending battle…

…and where you’re forced to pay hundreds and even thousands for leads – even though you already have a database full of them!

Unfortunately, there are thousands of marketing companies out there encouraging clinics to follow this wasteful path…

They often don’t know any better themselves, and are simply jumping on the latest bandwagon.

Or they believe that they’re giving you what you want – “new leads” – without understanding that value-for-money has to be part of the equation as well. 

Dr Ravi Jain
Clinic Owner,
Riverbanks Wellness,

How Much Money Are You Leaving on the Table?

What Would Turning Your Email Subscribers 
Into Clients Be Worth To You?

So what would you pay to convert even a fraction of the email subscribers you’ve built up over the past year or two into new clients? To see any online advertising you’re doing finally pay off, new clients coming on board every month and a measurable difference to your turnover?

Imagine what it would feel like to pick up the phone when it rings, and have the person on the other end of the line tell you, “I want to find out how you can help me. I’ve been enjoying your emails for a while now and it’s time we had a chat.”

Then, the next week, from another lead: “My friend recommended you. He said he’s on your email list, and you are by far the best out there.”

Or imagine the excitement when you launch your first course or a brand-new service, and on the morning you announce it, the orders come in thick and fast. The balance in your PayPal account starts creeping upwards…. And you know that for the next few months at least, your financial worries are over.

Worth $1800/Month - 
But You'll Pay Less Than $7/Day!

But we know that $1,800 a month is still too much of a stretch for many businesses.

So we're setting the price for licensing these email templates at $197 / month, which works out to less than $7/day. You can hardly get a fast food meal for that price these days!

Once you join Inbox Express, we’ll immediately set up a phone conversation where we can find out about your company and how you’ve been using email marketing, and help you plan your first three months of emails. We’ll also monitor how the emails are performing for you on a quarterly basis, and help you tweak where necessary, to ensure that you are getting the best possible results.

That’s how much you’re missing out on whenever you fail to follow up adequately with a potential client on your email list.

They may choose to buy from one of your competitors, or perhaps they never end up buying anything at all, because no one followed up with them correctly. What’s certain is that the money does not flow into your pocket.

Depending on the size of your database, you may already have the details of dozens or even hundreds of people who need your services, even if they don’t quite realize it yet, or if they still need a push to contact you.

That quickly adds up into many thousands of dollars locked in your email list. Thousands of dollars that could be yours, to put to good use developing your business (perhaps hiring new staff? Splurging on training you’ve had your eye on for a while?) or investing in your own family and future.

How Much Have You Already Spent on Growing a List That's Going Cold?

And we haven’t even touched on the money you are actively spending to build up your email list, advertising on Facebook and Adwords to bring people to your website, and paying for conferences and networking events where you gather business cards as if they were gold dust.

All that money is wasted, if those contacts don’t hear from you often enough.

I get it. As I said earlier, it is really tough to both run a business, keeping your clients happy and staying on top of your accounts, your staff, and a million and one emergencies that crop up every week…… and write really excellent marketing emails from scratch.

Even if you have an in-house marketing person writing your emails for you, they too have competing priorities such as social media, SEO work and blog writing. They’re unlikely to give email the time it deserves.

Every single day your email list sits gathering dust, without your subscribers being nurtured and sold to effectively, you’re leaving money on the table.

How much?

Well, how much is the average client worth to you, over the entire time they work with you?

$1,000? $10,000? $30,000? Perhaps more?