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The Fastest and Easiest Way to Get Patients Back into Your Clinic Again and Again...

...Even in times of economic distress

Because the emails are based on messages we have sent to our own clients’ subscribers, they are tried-and-tested. 

We’ve made all the mistakes on our own time, fixed them, and now you can reap the rewards. 

All you have to do is send out one of our emails each week to your patients and leads. 

Then sit back and watch as your readers become hooked on your every word, and look forward to receiving your weekly insights and tips. 

Your reputation will soar amongst your ideal patients. 

Then, when you send them one of our sales emails, promoting a treatment in an empathetic way, they will jump at the chance to come into the clinic. 

Not only will your roster of patients grow and your turnover rise, but your new patients will be the very best kind – people who see you as an industry leader, and consider getting a treatment from you to be the ultimate prize.

Dear friend, 

Now that your aesthetic clinic or med spa is re-opening, you are experiencing a surge in bookings. Your patients cannot wait to rejuvenate their skin, get all their regular injectable treatments – and feel like themselves again.

After taking such a severe hit to your income during the shut-down, it’s a relief to have a fully booked clinic once again. You probably even have more patients than you can handle right now!

But this does not mean it’s going to be easy to fill up your practice, month after month. And it certainly does not mean that patients are going to be spending the kind of money with you that they did, earlier in the year.

We’re facing a period of intense economic pressure. People have lost their jobs and lost income. They may limit their visits to you… Stop coming altogether…
Or opt only for low-value treatments they can easily afford.

And there is still a lot of (justifiable) anxiety around how safe it is to come into clinic – especially for people with elderly or vulnerable relatives. While Coronavirus appears to be fading right now, every local flare-up and every bump in the numbers is going to result in patient cancellations.

In this difficult environment, not every clinic will survive.

Those that do, understand two things… 

1. Keeping your patients loyal is now more important than ever. You cannot allow patients who return after the shut-down to drift away! On the contrary – you need to find new ways to keep them close, and keep them coming back.

2. The old ways of marketing to your aesthetic patients no longer work. In a post-shutdown world, it’s no longer business as usual! 

Blunt promotions and crude price-cutting will destroy the trust you need to build with your patients right now. 

Many of them will still be recovering from what essentially amounts to a trauma. 

They may have seen loved ones fall sick or even pass on. They have spent months worrying about their own health, their families’ health, their friends’ health. 

Many people will still be struggling with lost income and job insecurity, and ongoing uncertainty about the world economy… 

Plus, many people will still be working under unprecedentedly stressful conditions, and may still be fearful of the virus and of the outside. 

The vast majority of your patients would probably say they are desperate to maintain their skin treatments, because it helps them feel fantastic as well as look fantastic. 

But you need to be in tune with them, in order to resonate with them – and sell. 

That means talking to them sensitively, reflecting their concerns and experiences… 

Showing them you understand what they’re going through… 

And focusing on building deep, trustworthy relationships with them. 

Your messaging – and what exactly you’re promoting – needs careful thought. 

You cannot throw together some hasty emails. That would almost ensure failure. 

And while you have 101 things to think about as your clinic re-opens, you need good marketing, ready to go - and that means you must start NOW. 


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It's Not Your Fault!

Everyone’s resources and attention are limited in this unprecedented situation… 

…And you are not a marketer or a writer, so knowing how to communicate with your readers is not your main skill. 

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done – fairly easily and very quickly. 

You, too, can send out regular emails to your patients and other contacts once you re-open, feeling sure that your message will resonate with your audience each and every time. 

You too can reassure your audience that they are safe returning to your practice… 

Promote treatments in an empathetic and sensitive way… 

And you too can position yourself as the clinic that’s in tune with with your patients, while other clinics and med spas are busy pushing crude, unwelcome offers and discounts.

You’re about to get your hands on the fastest, most efficient way to write powerful emails to your database, during this period – and beyond. 

Inbox Express is a library of proven emails, carefully designed to nurture your relationship with your patients as they come out of lockdown - so that when you re-open, they will be keener than ever to return. 

All you need to do to get these emails working for your clinic or med spa is to fill in a few blanks, upload them to your email marketing platform, and hit ‘send’.

You don’t have to worry about messaging, because it’s all done for you. 

Each template takes an average of 1-2 minutes to customize, making your marketing more than manageable during this pressured time.

They use a warm and friendly tone of voice, which engages patients and instantly differentiates you from your competition – WITHOUT sounding cheesy or awkward. 

And you will receive new emails to send out every month, as long as your Inbox Express membership is active.

“We Saw a 40% Increase in Annual Revenue”

Since 2014, we have helped dozens of aesthetic clinics and med spas nurture and sell treatments to their email databases. 

Here is what one client has to say about the impact our emails have had on their aesthetic clinic:

Worth $1,400/Month -
But You'll Pay Less Than $7/Day!

The emails that could help drive patients back to your practice, and deliver a stream of new bookings and revenue, would be a steal if they cost $1,400 a month.

That’s what we charge our private clients to write their weekly email. And when our private clients sign up their first new patient as a result, they are often worth more to their businesses than they’ve already invested in our services.

But we know that $1,400 a month is still too much of a stretch for many clinics – particularly now, as we emerge from the Coronavirus shut-down.

That’s why we're setting the price for licensing these emails at 
$197 / month, which works out to less than $7/day. 

You can hardly get a fast food meal for that price these days!

This is an absolutely tiny investment, to have your marketing up-and-running, get patients back into your practice, generate immediate and repeat income and build patient loyalty, now that the lockdown is ending. 

Once you join Inbox Express, we’ll immediately set up a phone conversation where we can find out about your clinic or med spa and how you’ve been using email marketing. We’ll answer all your questions, and help you get set up if necessary.

We’ll conduct a strategy call with you on a quarterly basis, so we can monitor how the emails are performing for you and help you tweak where necessary, to ensure that you are getting the best possible results.

This Should Be One Of The Easiest Decisions 
You’ve Ever Made For Your Clinic

You’ve seen how vital it is to nurture your list right now, to make sure your patients feel comfortable returning to your clinic and to build long-term patient loyalty during difficult times

How it’s no longer ‘Business as usual’ in aesthetic marketing, and why you must avoid a stream of aggressive promotions which alienate patients and instead focus on a sensitive, empathetic messages which build relationships and keep patients excited to be treated by you…

And the kind of returns your email list should be giving you now that you’ve re-opened… 

…If only you send out at least one really strategic, persuasive email each week.

You’ve seen how your email marketing is being held back, because you are a clinic owner, not a marketer….

Because you understandably have a lot on your plate right now…

And because resources are tight as you deal with the fallout from the Coronavirus crisis. 

And you’ve also seen how easy it is to get emails out to your database quickly, in just a few minutes each week…. 

Knowing that your messaging will resonate with your patients…

Getting quarterly support calls from the Brainstorm Digital team, so we can help you make the utmost success of your email marketing during Coronavirus and beyond…

Use These Tried-and-Tested Emails to Get Patients Back into Your Practice - Again and Again

There will never be a more vital time to start nurturing your database, and start securing future business!

To your success,

You don’t know what to say to patients right now. You are desperate to generate income, but you know that some patients are nervous about returning – and that they’ve been through hell and back. How can you promote treatments without sounding insensitive?

You’re not sure what to say. You can’t send random emails to your subscribers, and your messaging has to be careful right now. 

After months, without revenue, you may have a smaller marketing budget now

You have had to cut staff, so there’s no one in-house to help you with marketing. You’re a clinic owner or a doctor – not a copywriter or a marketer – so this does not come naturally to you at all. You need to find a way to get maximum results from your marketing, without leveraging too much capital. 

You don’t have the headspace to worry about marketing right now. You have your hands full trying to get your practice running smoothly again, with less staff and a lot of new safety measures to implement.

You just can’t think about marketing at this moment

“No one had ever commented on any of my previous emails, but we had patients comment on these emails instantly. They engaged, which for me was huge.

 That was quickly followed by increase in attendance by patients I hadn’t seen for a long time, who I thought had gone to other clinics. I hadn’t even realized they were still on my email list.

 And then, best of all, came the increase in our sales. We’d mention a treatment, and boom, it would have an impact. We’d see it in clinic too – patients requesting treatments I’d mentioned in the emails.

 Overall, it resulted in a 40% increase in our sales in the first 12 months. ”

Dr Ravi Jain
Clinic Owner,
Riverbanks Wellness,

Founder and Director

Director of Content

These Three Barriers Are Hampering Your Marketing

It's Absolutely Possible to Generate More Sales After the Shut-Down

Once patients can come into your clinic once again, you will be under pressure to restart your marketing.

Inbox Express makes this easy for you!

The library includes all the emails you need as you re-open, including engaging messages around patient safety, a “welcome back” promotion, an email discussing financing with patients – and much more.

Every month, you will get access every month to a new batch of emails to send to your database, promoting key treatments, so you can get your patients back through your doors with minimum effort.

Promotions are seasonally appropriate, focusing on the most common treatments that clinics offer, such as: 


I want my first marketing emails right now!
I want my first marketing emails right now!
Get access to my first emails right now!
Give me my first marketing emails right now!


Treatments for pigmentation 

CoolSculpting and other body sculpting treatments 

Laser hair removal 



Thread lifts 

Laser treatments 


….And many more! 

PLUS you will also receive warm and engaging monthly nurture emails, so you can continue building a supportive relationship with your database without always selling to them.

Get access to my first emails right now!

And how you can do all this at the tiniest of investments.